My intuition caused my depression. Then my intuition healed it!

Hey, can we chat for a minute? I want to be open about my life and what it used to look like. Things weren’t always all light and love around here…

I used to be someone so different, someone who didn’t see her worth. I was angry, sad, and depressed. To be 100 percent honest with you, I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror at myself. It felt like my life was always a fight and nothing was in my control.

I can only explain the way I used to feel as constantly trying to outrun myself, my intuition, and my life.

Do you know how exhausting that is? You literally can’t do it. I was trying to outrun the pain within me and the anxiety that I felt from not being able to put my finger on what I was experiencing (now I recognize that as my intuition!).

Throughout life, I had experienced so many things that I couldn’t explain.

I heard noises and voices, saw visions, and just knew things that I couldn’t tell anyone else. As a child, I would get uneasy feelings about certain adults, but would get in trouble for voicing those intuitive knowings as judgments. Eventually, I quit sharing my thoughts and visions for fear of the repercussions.

Feeling so isolated and living in an environment of lack and negativity left me totally depressed at 12 years old.

Can you imagine being so young and wanting to take your own life because your emotions feel so out of control you can’t find any other escape?

I had tried writing, art, and even therapy but nothing seemed to help for very long. Now I know it’s because my intuition was trying to shine through and I couldn’t keep it at bay!

Often, I was totally paralyzed from the fear I felt. I had no idea my nightmares and gut feelings were actually an extension of my intuition.

Throughout the years my depressive episodes would come and go, but the feelings of constantly being watched lingered. The sounds and voices I heard made me dread being home alone, even as an adult.

Life was such a damn struggle all of the time and in all areas! My vibe would get so low, all I could see was dead ends at every turn.

  • I was fighting off my depression.
  • Fighting off the voices in my head that told me I was crazy.
  • Every time I closed my eyes, I saw faces, light, and visions, so I tried to fight those off too!
  • I was also fighting off my intuition so I could prove to myself that I wasn’t crazy.
  • I would fight going to sleep because my nightmares were so bad.
  • Being home alone felt like someone was watching my every move!
  • I would even fight going in certain rooms of the house because of the things I would hear or feel...

Sound familiar? If this is you it's time for The Intuitive Development And Progression Program!

You see, I didn’t know what an empath was, but I now know I was one of the strong ones. Maybe you are too? I felt other people’s emotions on such a deep level that my body would respond by getting sick - gosh I was always getting sick!.

How was I supposed to let go of this energy when I didn’t even know I was picking it up in the first place?

From the time I was a teenager until the day I decided to venture down a more spiritual path, I was stuck in a cycle.

  • It started with self-harm via substances or other outlets. I was just trying to numb my emotions and energy I was picking up constantly.
  • Then I would get angry with myself for the things I did and take my anger out on others.
  • After that, I would watch a few things go wrong in life (usually financially or with relationships).
  • Next I would try to fix the things I did while self-sabotaging then feel good for a few days.
  • After that, the cycle would repeat!

That cycle was my subconscious way of controlling my environment. My intuition was so beyond my control that I became depressed and reckless, just trying to manage the energy I had become a satellite for!

I was the opposite person then of who I am today. Even the topic of God, angels, or The Law Of Attraction would make me roll my eyes. All I saw was fear, anger, sadness, and lack because, until then, that was my experience

The person I am today doesn’t even recognize the person I was then. Today I freaking love life… all of it! Even through a pandemic, I’ve kept a mostly high vibe. Life is so good, so magical, and things are constantly working in my favor. Sometimes it still blows even my mind!

I figured out how to shift and I can teach you to do the same.

Sometimes our darkest moments push us to have our brightest years. My emotions had run my life because I was fighting experiences that I didn’t even understand. Choosing to dig into who I was changed my life and my intuition pulled me out of my darkness.

I figured a way out of my spiritual depression and anxiety that was caused by my empathic and intuitive gifts!

Maybe it sounds dramatic, but I don’t know that my relationships would have survived if I didn’t choose this path. I couldn’t even stand to look at myself in the mirror.

Here were a few things I knew the moment I decided I needed a change:

  • I needed to get happy.
  • My relationships deserved better.
  • Whatever “gifts” I had were sporadic and really inconveniencing me!
  • I was playing a victim of my circumstances - life was happening to me instead of me creating it!
  • I knew that I had experiences that I couldn’t explain and I wanted to understand!

Sometimes, the ground cracking beneath you is the only thing that will cause you to move!

I had no idea what I was doing or what the end goal was, but I knew something had to change. So I made my demands to the universe, asked for guidance, and I was delightfully surprised when I started to see things change!

For the first time in my life, I felt fully supported. For the first time in my life, I believed there was something or someone out there watching over me. I could see it and I could feel it and I was no longer afraid.

I decided to tap into my intuition by accident!

  • My focus was on shifting my mindset and, as I did this, small synchronicities began to happen.
  • I started meditating and began to see more and more clairvoyantly, but was no longer fearful.
  • My nightmares stopped and beautiful realistic and visitation type dreams began!
  • Random bills stopped appearing and random checks started arriving, not even kidding!
  • I got a raise at work.
  • I was taken down a spiritual rabbit hole.
  • Started a blog.
  • Now we are here!

Okay, so there was quite a bit in between, but here’s the thing: when I chose to shift myself, I chose to love myself for the first time probably ever.

As I did this, I unknowingly set spiritual boundaries that allowed me to shift through the chaos to see the light and feel the love and support the universe had for me!

  • I finally felt supported.
  • There was no doubt I was being guided.
  • People didn’t trigger me so often.
  • I felt true joy without reason!
  • I saw signs and symbols everywhere I went!

Honestly, I didn’t recognize myself at all, but I was falling so deeply in love with who I was becoming. I didn’t even know that choosing to look at my own stories and beliefs would help me break through 1000 spiritual barriers at once!

Now, I get to teach you to do this with much more ease and grace than I did. I teach you to recognize the signs, enjoy the process, and flex the right muscles to allow your intuition and spirit team to speak and guide you with ease!

Sure, you could teach yourself, but, like me, you will be a ping pong ball absorbing so much information you hardly put anything into action because one person’s theories scare you and one person’s don’t work! I’ve been there. That rabbit hole is deep, my friend.

I figured out that the path to happiness and intuitive expansion started with me looking at my own traumas, pain points, and being honest with myself. Only when we do this work can we truly flourish!

Here is what I have to offer to get you where you want to go!

  • Over 30 videos
  • Full Lessons on:
    • Ethics
    • Grounding
    • Being an empath
    • Clairvoyance
    • Claircognizance
    • Clairaudience
    • Clairsentience
    • Automatic writing
    • How to meet your spirit guide
    • Crystals
    • How to know when you're being guided!
    • How to discern inspiried action!
    • How to work past fear and doubt
    • The spiritual closet when and how to come out of it
    • How to trust yourself and your spirit team!

And literally there is so much more I can’t even type it!

I’ve been adding to this course every single year since Light Love and Spirit started. It has everything I needed when I was in your shoes. We don’t just do the intuitive development work, we do the mindset work, the self-development work, so we can truly shift and never go backwards.

This course will improve anyone’s life who takes it. I promise you that… if you truly do the work, it will change your vibration and overflow to your family, your career, everything. Only good things will come from this work you’re going to do!

Who needs this program?

  • If you’ve felt like something is missing or you’re forgetting something and can’t figure out what, you might be missing a connection to your higher self or spirit team.
  • If you’ve felt like you’re at rock bottom with no place to go, this is the way up and out.
  • Empaths, HSP, and overwhelmed parents: this is for you.
  • Anyone who wants to break out of the day-to-day because you know there is more but you don’t know what or where it is… do this work!

If you’ve had some of the following experiences

  1. You’ve always had very vivid dreams. (Or you’re starting to have very vivid dreams)
  2. You have frequent nightmares.
  3. You’ve learned how to control your dreams a little bit.
  4. You remember seeing things, people, shadows, or lights as a kid.
  5. You’re extremely creative and imaginative.
  6. You have many synchronicities happen.
  7. You’ve dealt with unexplainable bouts of depression your entire life.
  8. You feel like you want to go “home,” even if you are at home.
  9. You feel like someone is watching you.
  10. You have heard voices or someone calling your name when no one is there.
  11. You give the BEST advice and don’t even know where it comes from.
  12. You’re fascinated by anything paranormal.
  13. You’re drawn to certain locations or buildings with no clue why.
  14. You see flashes of light.
  15. You just know things.
  16. You talk to yourself all the time… like, ALL THE TIME.
  17. You get unexplainable anxiety or nausea that leaves as quickly as it comes on.
  18. You just KNOW there is more out there in the Universe.
  19. You don’t believe the masses just because you are told too.
  20. You appreciate nature and animals more than most.
  21. You question EVERYTHING.
  22. You sense energy.
  23. You feel like someone is with you but you can’t see anyone.
  24. You see images of people you don’t know when you close your eyes.
  25. Random ideas or answers to internal questions suddenly pop into your head out of nowhere!
  26. You really want to get control of your intuition instead of having things come in sporadically!

As you can see, this program is about changing your life by tapping into who you truly are, and that is why my life shifted. I wasn’t trying to become a medium, but by allowing myself to receive the love and grace from the universe by doing the exact processes in this book, I was guided to a life beyond my wildest dreams!

Don’t just take it from me, either! Here are what some alumni had to say!

Maureen K
I came across Light Love and Spirit's Intuitive Development/Progression course when I was looking for an opportunity for self-paced, self-directed study, knowing I could reach out for support from Ashley through coaching sessions as I went along. I had been studying and practicing mediumship for over a year at the time, and the content was absolutely relevant and helpful in expanding upon the foundation I'd built. I feel it's absolutely approachable and accessible for beginners as well as being appropriate for all levels. The course encourages a "noticing" and authentic development of your own gifts in line with your own personal goals. I've found myself returning to lessons and exercises periodically as my journey with intuition and mediumship evolves. I wholeheartedly recommend the course as well as working with Ashley.

Emma B
This program was the single most important step that I’ve taken on my spiritual journey. Before I started the course, I believed that I was a psychic medium, but I was mostly floundering with trying to understand this new part of my life. Now, I’m giving readings with ease. In this course, Ashley helped me understand which clairs I was most in-tune with and develop them. I learned so much and was able to develop my intuition and spiritual gifts in a way that I never expected to be able to! She even helped me understand random parts of my life that never made sense, like why I saw sparkles in the sky. On our coaching call, she talked me through everything I was experiencing and made me feel so much better about where I was at. I’ve never been in a happier, more high-vibe place, and so much of that is because of this course and the work Ashley did with me! Do yourself a favor and sign up. You won’t regret it.

Christina C
I took Ashley’s Intuitive Development Program and it was AMAZING! Ashley puts so much work and detail into these programs. It helped me figure out what my strongest Clair was, and it helped me properly establish a good foundation regarding spirit boundaries, connecting with my spirit guides and so much more! You won’t ever regret taking any of Ashley’s courses, she’s a FABULOUS teacher
DeeDee R
I’ve found my inner-Sparkle again by working with Ashley!!The Intuitive Development & Progression Program is an investment in myself that I am so glad I made!My top fav tools are I learned are energy managemen, spiritual protection and I improved my Clairs! And most valuable to me was learning to discern MY energy from other energies!I love that the lessons are nice bite-sized pieces in length and I can fit my learning and practicing into my schedule conveniently.Ashley provides valuable and well-rounded course content, and the modules and lessons are easy to find and navigate on her website. I like being able to work at my own pace and repeat meditations or reread pieces.Ashley offers so much juicy content! Soak it up!! I also enrolled in some coaching sessions that amped up my healing! Amazing!
Amber B
I was very lost and confused about ALL the things I was experiencing. I decided to search for a course to help me grasp it ALL! That's when I came across Ashley and her Intuitive Development Course, I can't lie I wasn't 100% sure I should invest in it as there are so many fake, ungodly impostors out there! I'm so glad I did purchase her course, I learned a lot about myself as well as getting informed of what I was going through my whole life and how to be in control and not feel like I'm being controlled. What a Godsend this course was for me and I recommend anyone to take this course, as Ashley is very helpful and always there for one with any and all questions one may have!!! She is an amazing mentor and an amazing person with a huge heart! She truly is the real deal!!! Thanks, Ashley I've grown so much and come so far from where I was!!!Blessings,Amber

You’ve spent enough time spinning your wheels. You deserve to feel the joy and support that comes from being guided and available to the supportive energy all around us. Show yourself some love! Do it for yourself so that it spills over to your family and community!

Here is what you will get out of the Intuitive Progression and Development Video Training Program!

  • An in-depth intuitive course with real, down-to Earth lessons and exercises to help you develop your intuitive abilities THAT WORK!
  • Over 30 weeks worth of hands-on video lessons to help you navigate your intuition and enhance self-awareness!
  • Techniques for protecting and grounding your energy!
  • Essential tips for empaths and intuitives for energy management!
  • Ways to develop each clair.
  • Easy to follow exercises for each clair - walk away having mastered all the skills!
  • Affirmations to help you develop and grow your practice.
  • Meditations.
  • Videos on Crystals and how to work with them!
  • Techniques for connecting with Spirit.
  • Mobile convenience on your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Lifetime access.
  • Access to the exclusive community of graduates and peers of the program through online group chats.
  • A bonus workshop on working with your spirit guides!
  • A bonus workshop on Automatic writing so you can easily access your
    inner guidance system!
  • Bonus lessons added anually.
  • One complimentary coaching call with me.

So, are you ready to change your life and take your power back?

Enrollment for this program closes November 30th but you will always have lifetime access after purchase!

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